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NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2015 2nd Board Meeting Minute

Date:April 25, 2015 (Saturday), 12:00pm – 2:30pm
Venue:730 E. Homestead Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Attendee:Ping Chen, Tony Chiang, Jim Kao, Frances Ren, Sue Lin (Joined via Facetime), Chih Lee, Jin-sheng Wang, Randy Chang, David Li, Kerry Wang, Joyce Hew

• The meeting was called to order at 1:00 pm by the Chair, Jin-Sheng Chen
• Board President began the meeting with General report due to insufficient # of attendance of BOD.

1. FPN (Saturday 11/14/2015): Chinese Taipei Cultural Center reservation for Annual PFN night, reservation taken only 2.5 month prior to the event. No reservation fee info available.
• Tony suggested the group to visit the center on 5/9 Saturday to check on the facility and request related info.

2. Nomination of outstanding Alumni and Unsung Hero for this year PFN
• Board president remind the team to begin

3. NCKUAA-NA Biannual Alumni conference: President Jin-sheng inquired the number of boards who would like to participate in the group travel to attend N. Dallas biannual NCKUAA-NA alumni conference and world-wide NCKU carnival.
• Jin-sheng will email the BOD regarding more details and collect headcounts for possible airfare discount (10/16 – 10/18).
• Confirmed attendees from NCKUAA-NCA – Tommy, Jinsha, Pochang, Hsing, Ben Chien, Chih Lee, David Tsen, Dorsey, Ping Chen, Jin-sheng Wang.

4. NCKUAA NA Board nomination – Will require the nominated board to participate in the NCKUAA-NCA BOD. Jin-sheng will inquire David Tsen on this.

5. BBQ event (Sunday 5/17/2015) : 3rd VPN – France Ren reported the BBO planning. Task list posted on google drive and waiting board to enlist tasks. Parking is convenience and easy access to the reserved site. 3 main BBQ grills. Most of the tasks/items will be identical to prior year’s planning.
▸ 2nd VP Tony shared the lesson learnt from previous year. Staffs in charge of BBQ Grills (charcoal & lighter) will need to arrive before 11am. The rest of staff handling food items need to arrive before 11:30am. Event will start at 12 noon. ▸ Total attendees around 100, excessive leftover food.
▸ Advance order and reminder needed for Marina food, steak & BBQ meat.
▸ Sport gear will be made available for attendees (sport center on-site). No need for water balloons.
▸ Expense: Should be able to break even if we are able to adequately plan for the food.

6. JAACUC 大專校聯會 updates: 2nd VP Tony reported that JAACUC would call a 2nd board meeting on 5/2. Will need volunteers to help on the upcoming events. Tony will broadcast the weekly JAACUC events via president account. No additional info regarding the JAACUC Tahoe Camping event. Tony will report back once info becomes available.

7. NCKUAA-NA Event updates: 1st VP Sue reported the updates.
• Startup forum held on 4/18. Suggest to co-host quarterly event with NCKUAA and leverage 工研院 venue. Will need directors’ approval on continuous support of these events.
• Startup incubation program: Progressing well. SiLican team will present the final presentation in early May and complete the program on 5/10.
• NCKU Summer Interns – Pochang is in charging of the project. Recruitment is undergoing.

8. NCKUAA-NCA Website update: Completed by NCKU students ($1,000 usd expense). Jin-Sheng will provide the site address for board to review.

9. 501c3 status: Wayne Lu completed the tax reporting for 2014 and found the tax 2013 is delinquent. Will incur IRS penalties.

10. NCKUAA-NA – Unsound hero (Chih Lee) and outstanding alumni (Ben Chien) nominated and approved by all BOD.

11. Approval of Last Meeting Minutes: Not discussed due to insufficient # of attendees.

12. New Board Member Election - David Li – Not discussed. Not discussed due to insufficient # of attendees.

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