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2015年第一次理事會會議紀錄 (01/24/2015)

2015年第一次理事會會議紀錄 (01/24/2015)


NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2015 1st Board Meeting Minute

Date:January 24, 2015 (Saturday), 1:00pm
Venue:730 E. Homestead Rd., Sunnyvale, CA 94087
Attendee:Peter Hu, Tony Chiang, Jim Kao, Frances Ren, Ping Chen, Chiping Ju, Sue Lin, Chih Lee, Lenny Lin, Jin-sheng Wang
Visitors:David Li

The meeting was called to order at 1:15 pm by the Chair, Ping-Shen Chen Board Chair, Ping-Shen, started the meeting reporting the voting results including approval of new president (Jin-sheng Wang), 3rd VP (Frances Ren) and the 3 year-term board members including the new added member, Chiahaur Chang. All the nominees have been approved. Congratulation to all of them.
Former President, Chiping, reported the initial financial result which has profit about $1506.91. This needs to be finalized by Wayne Lu after he comes back from vacation back.
Board President, Jin-sheng, reported the activities for the year and assign to each individual corresponds of each event.

1.New Year Party will be hosted by Sue. The date will be around the weekend of 2/28 or 3/7. It can be either Saturday or Sunday. Sue will check the Sonoma Chicken Cook or some other place then we will make the final decision through the email.

2.Mother Day BBQ will be hosted by Frances. The date will be around the weekend of 5/16 or 5/23. It can be either Saturday or Sunday. The place can be Central Park of Santa Clara. Frances will check the availability and reserve the place.

3.2015 PFP(鳳凰花之夜) will be held on 10/24 weekend which is one week after the Dallas’s NCKU Carnival/Bi-annual NCKUAA_NA Gala. The place will depends on the availability of the new building of Chinese Culture Center or Crown Plaza and will be decided next in the next board meeting.

4.Outstanding and unsung hero for Carnival of NCA will be nominated in next board meeting. For NCA’s PFN will be nominated in the meeting of July’s board meeting.

5.Tentative board meetings for this year: 5/2, 7/25, 10/3, 12/12

6.Sue reported the NCKU Angel fund’s progress. One of the selected team will work in Silicon Valley and we will provide help upon request.

7.NCKU e-page for our website, Jin-sheng will contact the NCKU and Lenny may follow up for the material to put into the e-page.

8.Welcome David Li (李師聖, 1985 Physics) to join our board meetings. The meeting was adjourned promptly at 3:00 pm.

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