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NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2010 3rd Board Meeting Minute

Date:June 26, 2010 (Saturday), 10:00 ~ 1:00 pm
Place:NPU, 47671 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, CA 94539
Attendee:12 board members
Chairman:Peter Hu (Absent) President:Lenny Lin
Meeting Minutes:


Approved the minute from previous meeting(2010/04/18) (Wei motion, Pingshen second).


President:Re-confirm the cancellation of Southern and Northern California Alumni Reunion(Yes:17, No:1, Withdraw:3).

1. Board Director Peter shared some of his thoughts about this event and commends.

2. How to support this event financially. Mike provides idea to have alumni pay for the event in advance. Peter said that getting more donations from other alumni so we have enough fund for event deposit.

3. Invite Southern California board members to have web meeting to give both members a chance to know each other and build the connection.

4. Invite both board members to have a small reunion first in this year then we can discuss and decide the location, date and format.

5. Board have consensus to plan earlier in this year for next year event and then announce in Phoenix Flower party to give alumni more interest to join.



1. 7/11 We have two events in conflict, Angel Island Hiking and TCAAC(華運會) Opening. After discussion, Lenny leaded the team with Frank for Angel Island Hiking. Peter leaded the team to TCAAC. Lenny helped filing TCAAC application and prepared the NCKU T-Shirt for Peter.

2. 6/26 Relay for life. Have successfully got donation of $2500. (Board members support for $1100). Thanks to Frank’s wife Joyce to coordinate this event and help her daughter as team leader. We have 4 alumni’s Children joining this team.


10/16 Phonix Lunch:

1. Price: Cost is $28 including tax. Ticket will sell for $35 or $30. Target Number is 150 People.

2. Time: Will contact Hotel to start earlier at 9:30AM. Lunch starts at 11:30AM. Program starts at 1:00PM. Event end at 3:00PM.

3. Lunch Selection: Buffet Style and Similar to 東海大學. Serve with 4~5 Entrées, 1 Salad, 2 deserts.

4. Program: Lenny would Contact China Airline president Mr. Wei to be our keynote speaker. Lenny will write letter to ask China-Airline donate Air-Ticket for Raffle. Pochang will contact NCKU and invite any professor come to Northc CA to give a speech. The topic is like “IP Transfer”, or “Leverage NCKU in the world”…etc.

5. Look for Outstanding Alumnus Award candidate and announce Alumni’s Children Scholarship. Nee Chao Scholarship.

6. Entertainments: Plan to have more interaction entertainment for alumni except inviting outsider group to performance. One thought is about song riddle.


2nd Vice President, Wei Wang:

1. JAACUC will continue to host Lake Tahoe Camping event on 9/4~6, 2010. This year JAACUC move to another new camping site and cabins called, Lakeland. The cabins are very new. There two choice, 4B/43 and 2B/2B. Price is around $400/day. JAACUC will setup more detail in next meeting. There is no dance party in year but have another former board members reunion event.

2. JAACUC will form a team to join TCAAC opening. Every school send a representative to hold the school flag.


2010 Taichung Carnival:

1. So far we NCA have 10 alumni will join this event. Lenny, Peter, Wei, David, Tommy…etc.

2. Have asked China-Airline representative Jennifer to help coordinate the air-ticket. Departure date set around 11/1~11/3. Returning date is opening for every alumnus. Prices will be announced later.


Mike updates about the life time member Logo. Mike provided a magnet sample for every to review. Mike will ask for the price and manufacture.
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