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NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2010 4th Board Meeting Minute

Date:August 15, 2010 (Sunday), 12:00 ~ 3:00 pm
Place:NPU, 47671 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, CA 94539
Attendee:13 board members, 6 Proxy
Chairman:Peter Hu (Absent) President:Lenny Lin
Meeting Minutes:


Approved the minute from previous meeting(2010/04/18) (Wei motion, Pingshen second).


President:Review Last Two Events. Peter lead TCAAC Opening and Lenny lead Angel Island Hiking. We have several young new alumni join this event.


President:Board approves to have southern and northern NCKUAA board members reunion at Sequoia Nation Park during Christmas Vacation. 12 Votes Yes. President will propose this idea to SCA.


9/22 Mission Peak Hiking:

a. Frank Will lead the hiking group to Mission Peak to Celebrate Moon Festival.


1. 2011 3 Years New Board Members Election:
Wayne Lu, Shane Lee, Calvin Ku, Liga Chen, Monica Wang, Wei Wang, Peter Hu
We have Tim Chen and Jinfu Liu as our backup.

2. 2011 3th Vice President Election:

a. Poll Result: Chi-Ping 14 Votes. Jin-Shen 5 Votes. We have Chi-Ping Ju as our 2011 3rd President.


1. 10/16 鳳凰花之夜

a. Have reserved Hotel. Tickets Price is $30. Lunch is buffet style. Start from 11:30AM and last 1 hour

b. Lenny Have Sent Invitation to China-Airline President Philip Wei and He will answer at the end of September. Lenny will check again on August.

c. Peter and Lenny had visited alumnus Dr. Hon Liu and thought about to invite him as our outstanding alumnus. He had an appointment already on 10/16 therefore we need to look for another candidate. Wayne proposed 陳大勇 & 歐德明.

d. Unsigned Hero will award Frank Tsen for his leading Hiking Group.

e. MC will be Chiping and Christina.

f. Back plan will invite people to discuss our local life, such as Carnival(Tommy), Hikin g(Frank), NCKU.NET(Casey), Job Seminar.

g. Entertainments: Songs Guessing.

h. Ask guest to fill information the right side of ticket and used for draw of participation Award.


1. JAACUC has Lake Tahoe Comping on 9/1~9/3. Please contact Wei Wang.

2. Taichung Carnival we have 20 people will join.

3. Fred Hsia will hold an Movie appreciation on 11/12

4. NCKU AAC Officer Dr. Shaw will visit NCA on 10/2 and We will invite board member to join.

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