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NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2011 1st Board Meeting Minute

Date:January 15, 2011 (Saturday), 1:00 ~ 3:00 pm
Place:NPU, 47671 Westinghouse Drive, Fremont, CA 94539
Chairman:Peter Hu Secretary:Pochang Hsu


Review/approve the minutes from previous meeting


2011 program review

- Phoenix Flower Night will be on Oct. 22, 2011 (Wei Wang will be in charge)

- Reunion with NCKUAA CA will be in charge by SCA this time. (Confirmed by Peter & Pochang. Details will be provided before the next board meeting)

- Chinese new year party will be held on Feb. 27. Pochang will be in charge.

- Mother’s Day BBQ will be held on Saturday before/after the official holiday. Chiping will be in charge.

- Will include Frank’s hiking programs


Board members discussion (status, election, function, pofile updates)

- The board nominated (1) Chih Lee (2) JinFu Liu (ME2001) and (3) Harry Chien (EE1980) as candidates for future board members.

- Need to get approval from the alumni for the new 3 year term board members


Financial report

- Roseline gave the financial update. Since the checking account only has $2000 and the board has decided to transfer $4000 from one of the CD accounts to checking account when it matures.


New web site for NCKUAA NCA

- The board has approved that we will need to have a dedicated web site (a portal to start with) for NCKUAA NCA. Lenny will come back with more detailed proposal on the development efforts.


Coming event discussion (Chinese New Year Party) – See 2011 program review session (The party will be held on BJ’s in Cupertino on Feb 27, Sunday from 1-3 pm)


Property update

- Pochang updated the properties of the alumni association (on-going)

- Will consider to share storage space with other alumni associations in the Bay Area


JAACUC update (Wei Wang)

- Party on Jan 22, 2011. There is one table from NCKUAA NCA.


NCKUAA NA update (David Tseng): NCKU 80 year anniversary party (will be coordinated this time by NCKUAA Tainan) will be held in Tainan around Nov. 12. All NA alumni are encouraged to attend in Taiwan.


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