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2013年第一次理事會會議紀錄 (01/13/2013)

2013年第一次理事會會議紀錄 (01/13/2013)


NCKU Alumni Association in North California

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2013 1st Board Meeting Minute

Date:January 13, 2013 (Sunday), 12:00 ~ 2:00 pm
Place:Genius Center, 1606 S. De Anza Blvd., San Jose, CA 95129
Chairman:Chi Lee President:Christina Yu
Secretary:Chiping Ju
Agenda and notes:


Review and approve notes and decisions from the previous meeting.

Not applicable, no major decision from the previous meeting.


Board Member Interests/Functional groups update

Hiking, Web, Sports, Finance/Accounting, Party, Food, etc.
Everyone signs in and indicates the interests.



Must the Chairman be elected from former Presidents?

The Chairman can be elected from anyone in the current directors of the board.

The Chairman calls board meetings.
Adjustments of duty of the President and Vice Presidents:

The President (Christina Yu) is in charge of the annual Phoenix Flower night event.
The 1st Vice President (Chiping Ju) is in charge of recording meeting notes, and assisting the annual Phoenix Flower night event.
The 2nd Vice President (Jin-Sheng Wang) is in charge of representing us in the JAACUC organization.
The 3rd Vice President (Sue Lin) is in charge of the BBQ event, and a new event around mid-Autumn.

The main topic for the 2013 Phoenix Flower night – 邁向頂尖的成大
Free VIP tickets for the Phoenix Flower night

The voting result is to limit these to ten tickets.

How do we give discounts or free tickets for the Phoenix Flower night event?

These include workers, performers, young alumni, finance/web team members
This is not decided. We can discuss this in the Phoenix Flower night event.

Add an event around mid-Autumn or at year-end

Prefer to be around min-Autumn.
The 3rd Vice President will plan for the details.


Upcoming 2013 events and responsible person

March or April, an event to welcome young or new members – Chiping Ju
May – Mother’s Day BBQ – Sue Lin
June – Relay for Life
July - Phoenix Flower Night (With NCKUAA-NA)
July/August – TCAAT (Taiwanese & Chinese American Athletic Tournament)
September – Mid-Autumn event – Sue Lin
December – Appreciation Lunch


NCKUAA NA update

NCKUAA-NA and NCKUAA-NCA Bi-Annual Phoenix Flower Party on 7/12/2013 to 7/13/2013:

Job Distribution, Team Leaders
Ticket Printing
2013 Year Book
Party Program

a. Taiwan NCKU asks for an one-hour talk on Physical Checkups


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