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2013年母親節烤肉活動規劃 (01/13/2013)

NCKUAA-NCA Mother’s Day Picnic/BBQ Event Planning
Proposed by Sue Lin

Proposed Event Time:

Date: TBD (preferably Sat Afternoon). Weekend prior to, within, or after the Mother’s Day (5/12)

Time: Noon to 4:30
▸12:00: Check-in & Social begin (guests can start with picnic items)
▸12:30 – 14:30: Picnic Items, and BBQ grilling
▸14:30 – 16:30: Group Activities (See “activities to consider”).

Food Items:
▸Picnic Items: Salad, Fruit, Party Dip (vegetable tray), wraps, Cheese Tray, Pizza (Costco or Mountain Mike), Party Wings
▸Soft Drink (Water, Soda, Juice)
▸Desert: S'mores Pops (Kids and Adult DIY desert) ☺

Event Location:

▸Fremont Lake Elisabeth-
▸Direction: Fremont Central Park

Site Reservation:See below park map and reservation fee schedule.
Currently, all 3 proposed sites are open to reserve for 5/11-12, 5/18-19, 5/25-26. Once the board decides on a particular date, I will place the deposit and reserve the space. Since I am the resident of Fremont, I will get the reduced rate.
Activities to consider:

Volley Ball Tournament at the green lawn area (plenty of space to set up 2-3 volley court).
Softball tournament
1-2 person Kayaking, 2-4 person paddle boating

Kids & Family:
Play area(themed play structures) - Kids will love them.
Biking around the lake (great scenery)
Kiting at the green lawn area
Kid’s soccer ball
2-4 person paddle boating

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